Lansing Promise Foundation Board

Kellie Dean, Chair
Dominic Carbone, Treasurer
Chris Holman, Corporate Chair
Lupe Izzo, Community Chair
Chuck Abraham
Steve Alexander
Bill Beekman
Jeff Benson
Jack Davis
Todd Duckett
Greg Eaton
Karen Grannemann
Adam Havey
David Hollister
Sheri Jones
Kevin Kaplan
Jim Lynch
Rachelle Neal
Nino Rodriguez
Kelly Rossman-McKinney
Rick Wendorf

Lansing Promise Zone Authority Board

Kellie Dean, Chair
Linda Lee Tarver, Vice-Chair
Judith Brown Clarke, Treasurer
Guillermo Lopez, Secretary
Mark Alley
Martha Castillo-Gutierrez
Tim Daman
Jack Davis
Toni Glasscoe
Mike Yankowski


Justin Sheehan, Executive Director

A Lansing born and bred attorney with a fierce pride for the diverse and resilient Capital City he calls home. A twice over graduate of Michigan State University, in Social Work and Law respectively,

Sheehan is currently the Executive Director of the Lansing Promise, Chair of the HOPE Scholarship Board, Vice Chair of the Capital Area College Access Network and Treasurer of the Michigan Promise Zone Association.

Of much greater importance though, he is the proud father of three and the husband of one exceptional woman.