Future Scholars

Your Future. Your Dreams. Our Promise.

Investing in your future. Building your dreams. That’s our promise.

The Promise is an award offered to graduates of public, private, home and charter schools within the Lansing School District (“LSD”) boundaries. It provides the financial assistance necessary to obtain an associate’s degree, certificate or its equivalent at an eligible school. Students successfully completing their high school education will be met with several scholarship options for education and career training beyond high school through three respected higher education institutions – Lansing Community College, Michigan State University, and Olivet College.

What the Promise Covers:

  • 65 attempted credits over a 4 year window, whichever comes first.
    • You have a 4 year window from high school graduation to attempt 65 credits at Lansing Community College.
    • Or you can receive the equivalent dollar amount (currently $6,400) at Michigan State University or Olivet College.
  • The Promise may be used to replace or supplement loans, work-study opportunities, private scholarships, or expected family contributions, but the Promise may not be used to replace federal or state grants or scholarships.
  • The Promise is a last dollar scholarship program, meaning Promise dollars are applied to a student’s account after state and federal financial aid have been applied. The average Promise Scholar receives around $5,000 in scholarship assistance from the Promise, the maximum a student can receive as of right now is $6,400 in total.