Our Kids. Our Community. Our Promise. Our Future.

There is a movement underway in this city, one that will strengthen the very fabric of our community.
We hear it from conversations with business and nonprofit leaders, philanthropic minds and grassroots organizers, at our community centers, our churches and our schools, from our counselors and teachers, superintendents and post-secondary partners, and ultimately from the words and actions of our current and future Promise Scholars and the families who love them. There is hope. Real hope. Because...

We as a community are Investing in Our Kids. After hundreds of conversations we have heard the same message, that every young person in this city matters. Which in turn means that every ounce of energy we spend and resource we can muster on behalf of our kids, matters.

We as a community are in fact Strengthening Our Community. No one walks alone, we all rely on each other to be at their very best. This is a region of blue collar intellectuals, we roll up our sleeves, we aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty, and we will work hard with intelligence, best practice and long term strategy in mind. That is the Lansing we know. That is the capital region we love. That is the Promise Community.

We as a community are Keeping Our Promise. Every dollar raised is a tangible statement and very real reminder, that we as a community will keep our promise of education and career opportunities for our kids. That we will walk alongside our scholars to ensure they have the tools necessary at every stage in life to build their own futures.

We as a community are Building Our Future. This is community development at a unique level. A focused effort on building the person that makes the place. And thanks to every single member of this community, we will continue to change lives and generations one student at a time.

Join the Promise movement, invest in our kids, it’s time to see real change in our lifetimes.